The Tenth: The Afterlife


After an epic Ninth Reunion that greatly exceeded expectations, it was finally time for the Tenth, a pinnacle of the college reunions tradition. After nine years of continuous chugging, discipline, and hard work -- and especially the 2006 GNC innovation which solidified these years of effort -- the momentum coming into the Tenth was unprecedented. Emails started flying around months beforehand, not the typical week or so of an off-year reunion. This time expectations for the event were immense, as were the expectations we imposed on ourselves and each other.

I mean, no one wanted to expose any of the weaknesses, frailties, and accumulated lameness gathered from the last ten years of life in the real world. This had to be hidden away completely; everyone was expected to behave just as they did in college at the height of our immaturity. Finally, as the days of May ticked away, this video started circulating with stupid messages like "Get ready!"

The Dartmouth "Quick Six", via Ivygate
From a Dartmouth student:
"What he's doing is a "Quick Six." I don't know how widespread that particular drinking challenge is beyond Dartmouth, but this guy must have been in the top three or four kids in our class; I've never seen faster. (I rocked out at 26 seconds at my peak, and I have a friend who clocks in at about 14-16.)"

From the comments:
"the kid is also on the US Alpine team and former NCAA Slalom champ. some kids get all the talent."

"to us dartmouth kids, his ability to quick-six in under 10 is so sexy that even my aggressively-straight male friend claims that after seeing this kid complete the task in person, he'd hook up with him."

"Future senator."

The grace of this guy's accomplishment is striking; so effortless, so graceful. So inspirational. That this was my inspiration going into the Tenth would be my undoing.


And so begins another Reunions... Friday

The only surviving photo of Friday night, Reunions 2007. In this amazing photo, Chopper chugs the pitcher playing 'Bo in a grim doom room in the junior slums while a party of epic dimensions rages outside.What Stone saw after 11pm after a very, very, disappointing performance

That was fast... onto Saturday...

TMass sports the official unofficial TeePrenner, Mophie, and Wizmar hanging at P-Rade

Partiers chilling with Mr. BeetPancake & Effex

First ever fan GNC out of the crowd!Wizzmar and Stone got a kick out of that

Bert prankingBert, Beet, and Amy strut in the P-Rade

Fans: "I knew we would find you guys… I told my friend to look for people doing something crazy." The fans join for the annual shotgun [VIDEO]

Effex and Hunted celebrate 10 years out of the sunCan't wait to see this guy chug in 20 years

TMass and Stone giddy for President's Review anticsTMass on review in front of the President

A boring group shot, please ignore and move alongChicks

RomanticoPancake and Stone getting sloppy

Previously impossible photo now possiblePosing after a quick fountain piss

View from pissing spot in Ivy back lawnSERIOUS BO (note to old farts: it's no longer called robo, get with the program)

Beet takes on everyone on the Bo tableWho's next?

Game #7

2nd annual fan chug... a tie again! [VIDEO] (see last year's)

"Putting the hugging back in chugging"Cram that thing on Shoe's head

RingerPancake celebrates his multiple GNC victories… but the night was far from over

"We want YOU to party"Effex and The Wads

Mick and his drinking problem"Bert, did you hear me? I want to see the fireworks. Bert?? Can you hear me? You are staring at me like a dazed animal."

SaucyBert celebrating perfect reunion attendance

Bundling upAlways ready for the text message


5th reunion fansSinging "I've seen better days"

The Street winds to a close… as a romance buds

Stone's view from 11pm on... an epically terrible performance

Party Innovations of the Year

Innovation #1: The GNC bracelet
as innovated by Effex

The rules are simple. If someone is wearing a GNC bracelet and you successfully GNC them, they have to give up the bracelet. The more bracelets you have on your arm when you wake up on Sunday morning, the better.

Winner: you want to be this guy, 3 GNC bracelets and counting

Loser: you don't want to be this guy, zero GNC bracelets and passed out

Innovation #2: The Beer Chug Cam
again as innovated by Effex

No ordinary camera [VIDEO]

FIRST EVER in-the-cup chug video [VIDEO]

Ever wonder what a party sounds like to a pitcher being chugged? Not so nice... poor pitcher. [VIDEO]

Best GNCs Caught on Film

The Photo Pose Swoop-In GNC
Technique: accomplice volunteers to take group photo of unknown undergrads while GNC perpetrator swoops in for vunerable beer [VIDEO]

The First Non-Princeton GNC and the First Takedown GNC
GNCs go viral at Cornell Reunions the weekend after Princeton Reunions. Perhaps the best GNC ever -- we need to get this girl here now! [VIDEO]

First Ever GNC of Stone
Like stealing candy from a baby. Defenseless Stone gets GNCed by class of 2002. [VIDEO]

Now, what you've all been waiting for,

          the Reunions 2007





Photo of the year!
Pancake dives into the fountain

Pathetic Video of the Year to End On

"See You Next Year" [VIDEO]

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