The Ninth: The Big One

Perhaps the best reunions of all time, the Ninth saw many firsts.

First Ever Alumni Houseparties Weekend
Hosted in the springtime splendor of Richmond, Houseparties '07 proved a worthy training ground for the upcoming Ninth. The momentum built up from this event carried through till the last late night Wa Run of Reunions. A shout out to T Mass for pulling everything off. See videos and photos...

First Ever GNC
Every now and then a party innovation is born that changes everything. Read the true story...

First Ever Tiger Ball Binder P-Rade March
More on this debacle below...

And so begins another Reunions... Friday

Good marketingGreat marketing

TCMoments after Frankly proposed on the Reunions dancefloor (what could be more romantic!)

Soaked Wizzmar, Mophie, and BoboSaucy, is that you?

The Birth of the GNC
Friday, 9th Reunion

Beer Tent Drama
Just as I grabbed a beer from the kind beer steward, the heavens opened up. Opaque walls of water hit the ground with the sound of a Niagara waterfall chug.

“You have to keep moving,” the proctor warned me. I averted my eyes and re-adjusted my hat.

“You have to leave the tent,” the proctor warned again, although he wasn’t getting angry. He realized he was ordering a dry lamb into a horrifically wet slaughter.

I questioned him meekly, stalling for time. I had to think fast, it was coming down harder now. Leaving the tent would be a complete disaster.

Then I thought of a potential solution. “If I chug my beer, can I stay in here?”

“Uhhh, yes… yes I guess.” The idea had caught him off guard; I seized the moment and sloppily chugged the full beer. The cold carbonation left a searing pain in my esophagus; I put my hands on my knees and spit saliva. But then it went away.

“That was close,” I notified the proctor and whirled to refill my cup. He smiled in relief; I sensed a slight tinge of amusement sneak onto his face, but only for a moment. Then it was back to the “You must leave now” routine with the next unlucky lamb.

After a brief time, the proctor turned his attention back to me. This time I buried the second draft with no hesitation and returned to the tap. Obviously, this routine was unsustainable, so with a full beer I dove into the wetness and dashed madly for the main tent. I made it, but somewhere in between I dropped my beer. This detail proved to be a crucial ingredient in what was about to happen next.

Necessity is the mother of inebriation
In the main tent, I spent some time drying off, talking with friends, and generally having a good time. The beer flowed sweetly through me but soon its voice could not be muted: “two good chugs deserve another” it spoke to me. But I had no beer and the beer tent was an impossible trek through the unwavering wall of rain. The situation called for a drastic action.

What happened next was both obvious and genius. It was the culmination of years of reunions chugging, bringing the act clearly to a higher level of stupidity that had remained elusive until now. I gave my camera to Effex to capture the event.

First ever attempt [VIDEO]
With the camera rolling, I nonchalantly crossed the floor and swooped in on Beet’s unsuspecting beer. As you can see, I grabbed the cup too slowly and Beet easily thwarted my attempt. However, the idea had been born, the chasm had been crossed.

Effex quickly grasped the significance of the breakthrough. “Whoah… that needs a name. How ‘bout the Grab and Chug? GNC for short,” he brainstormed, and at once we both knew the name would stick forever.

A staged GNC [VIDEO]
To demonstrate the GNC, we staged a GNC to fully capture the concept lest it get lost in the chaos. The rest of the night spiraled out of control and we completely forgot about the GNC, yet the GNC video survived.

A Day of Many GNC Firsts
As we slowly assembled at the P-Rade the next day, the last thing anyone wanted to think about was GNCing. However, minutes and a few shotguns later, talk of the GNC filled us with giddiness. Out at the Street, beer flowed like water from every spigot. If anything there was a vast over-supply, not a shortage like the previous night. Still, it was time to roll out the GNC.

The ensuing hours saw a series of ‘first evers’ in an increasingly daring and sloppy calvacade of GNCs. Here are some videos of notable firsts:

The First Random GNC
Big Stud executes the first ever GNC to a random victim. He takes a deep breath, collects himself, and swoops in. "You can keep it!"
The First Classic GNC
Stone spontaneously innovates the GNC and exhibits what is now considered Classic form. Specifically, the cup slam down immediately after the chug is the key move that propelled the GNC to its current form.
The First Pitcher GNC
Stone successfully executes the first ever to the delight of pregnant audience. However, without Classic form (no slam down).
The First ‘Happy Ending’ GNC
Ponch performs a celebratory dance to commemorate his first GNC kill.
The First Female GNC
Jenn chugs her way into the history books.
The First Wine GNC
Unbeknownst to Harriman.

The Last Ever GNC
The taps shut down, the crowds filtered away. Lingerers lingered, nurses nursed their last beers. T Mass somehow managed to keep his full beer intact until the very end. But in swooped Stone with a final, perfectly executed GNC that left T Mass dumbfounded and signaled the very end of the Ninth Year Reunion.

The GNC: A Ninth Year Reunion Tradition.

Very late the next morning...

Our savior the sausage makerOur savior the waffle maker

Revived Ninth Year squadCome on

Some P-Rade suppliesNinth ready to party, Tenth a little disappointing

Can't hardly wait

Toad learns of the prank"He's amazing, he chugs milk bottle after bottle and never gets full.
He must've gotten it from his mom."

Random baby sightingOldest living alum with the silver cane

Time to get seriousBig Ninth

Beatnik's license plate

Yet another annual shotgun

Ninth crew: Big Stud, Feather, Da Vinci, Effex, and MollyGrimmer points out the un-obvious

T Mass celebrates with the President.
She's definitely a good sport [VIDEO]

Now, out to the Street...

Token pitcher chug

Close call dancing to Reunions 2006 theme [VIDEO]Stone completes the Gabe Challenge [VIDEO]

Tom unhappy after sloppy GNC attemptStone & Ponch

PonchEighth Reunion partiers

GNC of Coop [VIDEO]GNC of Long Haul [VIDEO]

Please, not more of thisBeer & Fredge, day 6 of their honeymoon

G-rated stripper (no nip)

Rare Lisa footageAnother Fake Prenner

FanFan chug [VIDEO]

A GNC Kill [VIDEO]"So what year were you in Bodyhype?"

Effex carries this around for opportune photo oppsStone celebrates successful arrival at Hoagie Haven

10th Reunion dancefloorMick, Fredge, Bert, and Stone as the night wears on

Bremer, Chopper, GrimmerLimba floats above the partiers

A little Reunions magicBig Stud works his way in to a bevy

Jenn loving Numa NumaMick and Limba

Stone thinks you're a jokeToken pole closer


Now, what you've all been waiting for,

          the Reunions 2006





Photo of the year!

Bert and Grimmer "playing""Where have these tomatoes been?"

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