First Ever Alumni Houseparties 2006
Richmond, Virginia
May 13, 2006

Hosted in the springtime splendor of Richmond, Houseparties '07 proved a worthy training ground for the upcoming Ninth Reunion. The momentum built up from this event carried through till the last late night Wa Run of Reunions. A shout out to T Mass for pulling everything off.

Some early arrivals prepare with CarbombsT-Mass welcomes you to Houseparties!

Beer Friz trainingShotgun training [VIDEO]

Robopound trainingBeet drains the losing pitcher,
invoking the send a pitcher back rule

Plumber drains the returned pitcher, sending it back again [VIDEO]T-Mass hangs on with 'Lip Rule' but fails to finish! Game over.

Prenner sits in the Dentist Chair [VIDEO]Verde spins the tunes

Grimmer hits the floor [VIDEO]A winning Robo team

Sue gears up for sumoPrenner after Limba takedown

Pileup; Sue gets crushed [VIDEO]Absolutely pummelled [VIDEO]

Fashion preview of the Ninth Reunion (no video here!)

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