"Oops!...I Did It Again"
"Ah, Sorry."
- Anonymous partier awakened in bed
of angry 30th Reunion couple

So, how did Reunions this year stack up to last year?
Perhaps the answer lies in the party statistics...

See Reunions 1999 vs. 2000: A Statistical Comparison

Warming up at the tapWho is that guy? Why is he chugging?

To Chug or Not to Chug, that is the questionClass of '56 Robopound players

Brownlie gets sloppyJessie in see-through dress

What happens when the Class of '56 is on your Robo teamLosers

Just MarriedThe Bad Girl Shotgun Gang

A nice place to crash


Irrational exuberance for the P-RadeHyotte & Stone P-rade cheer

Limba realizes she has another 20 hours of partying to goPokemon fans celebrate the P-Rade

Limba, Human Limbo-pole (annual tradition)

Reunions 1999 vs. 2000: A Statistical Comparison
Stone Dong

How did Reunions this year stack up to last year? Perhaps the answer lies in the party statistics:

Party Statistic Reunions 1999 Reunions 2000
Aggregate # of Hours Partied: 42 hrs 38.3 hrs
Avg. Crash Time:  5:35 AM 5:15 AM
Latest Crash Time:  7:15 AM 5:30 AM
Late-late night Wa Runs:  2 2
Number of Naps: 0 1
Number of Substantive Rallies:  3 3
Games of Robopound Played:  7 5
Games of Speed Quarters Played:  1 0
Hours of Beer Friz Played:  4-5 hrs 1 hr
# of Hours Danced:  8-9 hrs 6-7 hrs
# of Times Crowd Surfed:  1 0
# of Crowd Surf Initiations:  3 2
# of Beers Shot-gunned: 4 3
# of Beers Chugged:  at least 20 slightly fewer
# of Boots:  1 (100% beer) 1 (50% beer, 50% YYs)
# of Beers Funneled: 0 0
# of Times in the Fountain: 2 0
# of Takedowns in Fountain Battle Royale:  27 0
# of Times Taken Down: 26 0
# of Sawhorses Placed in Middle of P-rade Street at 5:30AM:  4 0
# of Bruises of Mysterious Origin on Right Tricep: 2 0

At first glance the Reunions '99 party statistics appear to be slightly stronger than the Reunions 2000 statistics. However, here are some new stats that paint a different picture:
Party Statistic Reunions 1999 Reunions 2000
Total Wa Runs 3 4
# of Wa Chili-cheese Dogs Consumed 0 2
# of Times Completely Cut Wa Line To Get Chili-cheese Dogs 0 2
Games of Robopound Won 3 4
Number of Class of '56 Robopound Teammates 0 2
# of People Pushed into Kiddy-Pool During P-Rade  0 2
# of Times Pushed In Kiddy-Pool During P-Rade 0 1
# of Frisbees Stolen From Tiger Camp 4-Year Olds For Beer Friz 0 1
Beer Friz Win Percentage 37% 100%
# of Full Beers Poured on Wease's Head  0 1
# of Hips Needing Replacement after Being Leveled by Hyatt on 5th Reunion Dance Floor: 0 1
# of Chugs with 4-Year Old Pokemon Fan at P-Rade 0 1

Perhaps comparing one Reunions' party statistics to another just doesn't make sense. Although each year has its measurable strengths and weaknesses, the essence of Reunions appears to be an intangible volatility that leads to unexpected outcomes.

This, I think, is what Reunions is all about, and what keeps me coming back every year.

That -- and chugging.

Reunions 2000 Headlines:

Monday, May 15, 2000
May, Historically Biggest Party Month of Year, Comes in as Lamb; To Go Out as Lion

Thursday, May 25, 2000
May Roars
Partiers Play Robopound with Class of 1956 Dave Thomas Look-a-like
Ponch Parties So Hard He Loses Shoes

Friday, May 26, 2000
Record-sized Group Performs Mass Shotgun at Chinese Restaurant, Guinness Notified

Saturday, May 27, 2000
Pokemon Fans Celebrate P-Rade
Kiddy-Pool Replaces Fountain in Mandatory 'Get Drunk and Soaked at the P-Rade' Routine
Limba Assumes Role as Human Limbo Pole for Second Year in a Row
Stone Slowly Pours Entire Beer On Wease's Head

Monday, May 29, 2000
Partiers Use Monday to Recover from 60-Hour Overdose of Chugging, Booting, and Rallying