The Second:
Is It Time To Party Or What?

"The Best Weekend of My Life."
- Anonymous partier

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Pancake in the best chugging shape of his life
"I found Pancake sleeping next to my car,
feet half in the parking lot and head in the grass,
Wa run garbage by his legs, dead to the world."
-- Bremer
Aaron Wizzmar

A few partiers in a sea of thousandsSpectating at the Battle Royale

Five shotguns a day keeps the beatness away

Pissing or booting? You decide."Heyyyyy!"

The #1 Reunions '99 Partier:
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A Preakness Moment

Reunions 1999 Statistics (Thu-Sun)
by Steffen

Aggregate # of Hours Partied: 42
Avg. Crash Time:  5:35 AM
Latest Crash Time:  7:15 AM
Late-late night Wa Runs:  2
Number of Naps: 0
Number of Substantive Rallies:  3
Games of Robopound Played:  7
Games of Speed Quarters Played:  1
Hours of Beer Friz Played:  4-5 hrs
# of Hours Danced:  8-9 hrs
# of Times Crowd Surfed:  1
# of Crowd Surf Initiations:  3
# of Beers Shot-gunned: 4
# of Beers Chugged:  at least 20
# of Boots:  1 (100% beer)
# of Beers Funneled: 0
# of Times in the Fountain: 2
# of Takedowns in Fountain Battle Royale:  27
# of Times Taken Down: 26
# of Sawhorses Placed in Middle of P-rade Street at 5:30AM:  4
# of Bruises of Mysterious Origin on Right Tricep: 2
# of Weekends In My Life So Far Better than Reunions '99: 0

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Monday, May 24, 1999:
Prime Party Season Rolls Along with Reunions '99 This Weekend
Column to Represent UK in Reunions '99 Party Efforts

Tuesday, May 25, 1999:
Pancake Taking Rest of Week Off to Prepare for Intense Partying
Reunions Partiers To Err on Side of Chugging
Nude Olympics Protest Run Planned for Saturday Night Reunions

Friday, May 28, 1999:
New Look Fails to Disguise Mossey's Drunkeness
T-Mass-Wease Defeat Stone-Beet 47-38 in Five Hour Beer Friz Contest
Hearts Stop as Bert, Beet Streak 60th Reunion
Dog Conducts Chugging Seminar for Rapt Undergrad Audience
Ponch Passes Out in U-Store Parking Lot

Saturday, May 29, 1999:
P-rade Chants Cover Spectrum from '97' and 'Olé' to 'Slav Lit'
Post P-rade Battle Royale in Fountain Injury-Free
Robopound Used to Fill Dead Time Between Party Events
'Is It Time to Party or What?': Bert's Endurance Unrivaled in 20-hour Display of Non-stop Partying
Ponch Passes Out on Bench of Dinky Station

Sunday, May 30, 1999:
With Over 40 Hours of Partying in One Weekend, Reunions '99 Viewed by Many as 'Best Party Ever'

Monday, May 31, 1999:
TGFM (Thank God For Monday): Devastated Partiers Use Holiday to Recover from Best Weekend Ever