The Eighth:
One More Shot

Beet & T-Mass kick-off Beer Friz FIRST EVER game of Indoor Beer Friz

Locked out just like the old daysGuy.

Quadruple fisting? Guy.Keg supply in our room (just in case)

Random fan of this site… he chugged this beer to get his photo put upPirate's favorite beer? PB Arrrrr!

Saluting the 2nd Year Reunion

The 5thSorry Bert, no more beds

Guy.Now this is so grim… Bert actually passed out here.

Blacklie fallen in unknown dormNon-partiers up-and-at-em outside our window. Go back to sleep!

Oldest living alum (Class of '25) carrying the silver cane"You have 13 minutes to shotgun"

Beatest sign ever

Feather & Beet at the P-radeFeather drinking… water??

Stone finds a really sharp key

Click here for Shotgun videoClick here to see pranking Bert

Annual shotgun photoClick here to see T-Mass grab the class sign

Iwo-Jima memorialCaught on film: Lisa

Stone refuses to drop the sign

Bremmer & Willis shotgun"Our Mean Income is 110K"

"Show me the money!"

"Look, I didn't make the rules. It's chug one to get zero."The Eighth

Eighth Year Reunion partiersAmy & Terry hamming it up

Chopper's lightning fast chug

Ponch chugging PB Arrrr!!!!

Beet & Lisa head to the dance floorPirate's favorite girl on far right: Liza Arrrrd!!!


Best Robopound team ever! (we lost to some TI girls 5 min later)Moments after Jack's projectile vomit (notice wet stain on stone)

Most embarrassing: Stone passed out with Mom & Amy looking onGuy what are you doing?

Best performance of the year: Amy on stageNoob at the scene of the "dumpster incident"

The Dumpster Incident, 1AM 5th Reunion
Noob loses his cellphone the second he arrives, has NO WAY to contact any of his friends, does not see a SINGLE person from his class, not even people he isn't friends with. He wanders around for 2 HOURS, and sees ZERO familiar people. He is about to leave, and cowboy face the drive back to NYC at 1AM. He decides to walk through the 5th reunion area one last time, where thousands of people are standing in place politely drinking their free beer and conversing. Out of the corner of his eye he sees someone fall into a dumpster. 30 half finished beers are scattered onto the pavement and random people. Noob thinks to himself without looking over yet, "Stone."

Noob: STONE!!! I was about to leave!! I lost my cellphone, sorry I didn't call! I have been looking for my cellphone all over the state of New Jersey! Sorry I'm late. I couldn't call, I lost my cell phone. Hey everyone, this guy founded Newman's Day!!!

Stone: Really Noob, well why didn't you just call?

Noob: I lost my cellphone.

Stone: HA!!!!!!!!!!! (falls down).

Stone (on ground): I've chugged 60 beers in two days. I'm not allowed to do that. Do you know who's the fastest drinker at Princeton?

Noob: Dog.

Stone (while urinating DIRECTLY on this guy Jamie's leg): Chopper. He's so fast. Noob by the way you're famous. I'll tell you later.

Noob: That's absurd. Dog is instantaneous.

Stone: You're right, what was I thinking. Dog.

Stone & Noob rejoice at the 5thDrunken photo of the 5th

Photo of the Year!
Krist crowdsurfing the 5th

Helmet of the Year

[4:57:35 PM] George Corny '98 says: so my buddy and i go back to this room that a bunch of our friends lived in our senior year...

[4:57:43 PM] George Corny says: except we don't know the guys who live there now because we're too old.

[4:58:03 PM] George Corny says: so my buddy goes to sleep in one of the guys beds... and that guy was pretty pissed when he got home and just started freaking out.

[4:58:17 PM] George Corny says: so my buddy decides to clock the guy and all hell breaks loose.

[4:58:46 PM] George Corny says: eventually, cooler heads prevailed, but then we had to leave because it was awkward so i slept on a bench in prospect gardens.

[5:06:08 PM] amy says: can't believe you guys thought it'd be a good idea to go back to your senior yr room

[5:06:21 PM] amy says: that's like thinking it's a good idea to go try and sleep with your senior yr girlfriend for old times' sake!!!

[5:07:50 PM] George Corny says: the funniest part... is that all of this is happening at like 10:15 in the morning.

[5:09:20 PM] George Corny says: we slept there last year for christ's sake! seniors should have more respect for alumni.