The Seventh:
Year of the Cicada

Chug the Jug
"This Jug has taken its toll on me"
- Maroon 7th

Julia at the 5thClick here for close-up of totally unacceptable crack display!

Saucy on Beer Friz AlleyBeet & Bert playing Beer Friz

Click here for Saucy Beer Friz videoClick here for Stone Beer Friz chug video

Princeton footwearSo 7th year

Click here for Wease's arrival chug video

Beer......Chug your Greer!

Hittin' The Haven7th Year Reunion Squad

Chugging the Jug, a 7th Year Reunion tradition (click photo to enlarge)

Sea of partiers at the 5thRandom


Once again, Mr. & Mrs. Beet feed the crew

Token P-Rade shotyes

Pancake arrivesBert, Saucy, T-Mass

Guys vs Girls Robopound (girls won)Grimmer & Pancake

Saucy, T-Mass, LisaPartiers celebrate finding Fran

Pancake pauses between chugs with pre-wife

Chopper conjuring up a storm

"Closing time, I know who I want to take me home"Signing off from the 5th... until next year

Top 10 Greatest Moments from "Lucky 7" (courtesy Bremmer)

10. Mrs. Beet's procurement of 4 "anti" Newman's Day t-shirts

9. Chugging the Jug. What were we thinking?

8. The Return of the Ponch and other suspect characters

7. Stone throwing a Frisbee full blast point-blank into a window in Little and then feebly begging the residents to get it back

6. Father Chugs Best and the Ghost of Keith Elias's Ivy Library Dump

5. Team '97 winning countless games of robo post-P-rade and shouting the all too familiar "ole ole ole" at some 30-something alum (who despite being able to drink quite a lot claimed he brought Robo to Princeton, then complained Team '97 were inconsiderate winners)

4. An overly exuberant Pancake attempting to pick me up and throw me and Grimmer off the Robo table to crowd surf the Ivy dance floor

3. Saucy and then Grimmer taking turns pedaling around on a random pink mini-bicycle around 11:30pm on Saturday night at the 5th, forcing partiers to dive out of the way onto the lawn or the dance floor before the proctors confiscated the bike

2. "Hi, nice to meet you, my name's Bert" (call Bert for details)

1. The Hospitality of Mrs. Beet and the one and only Peter W. Beet

...and the Grand Finale:

Grimmer Kimmer losing everyone at the 5th on Saturday night and walking 8 miles back to the Beet's house solo in the pitch darkness

Photo of the Year!
In his own words:
"i am so bloated from a day of drinking. after seeing that picture, my fiancee samantha said that my lips looked as though i "just got done sucking a big c-ck." i said, "that's funny, because i was." seriously though, that was taken after i had lost everyone and decided to get a pretzel and walk to Beet's house. it was so dark on the way that i would occasionally open my cell phone and use the light from it to see the sidewalk. grim."