The Fifth:
One More Chug

-- chant sustained by 5th-year Reunion dancefloor
for a full 10 minutes after band stopped playing
and 15 Proctors occupied the stage

Banned T-shirts, Beer Friz, Goodfriends, Newman's Day press coverage, a Kelvie surprise appearance, new mattress purchases - this Reunions had it all.

Friday: Beer Friz
Prenner running after a successful throw

Friday Night: Goodfriends

With hours of Beer Friz still fresh in our bloodstreams, we boarded the Dinky bound for Goodfriends. The trainís dreary brown interior and harsh lighting sobered us up instantly. We had decided to leave Reunions Ė a party of thousands with bands, kegs, and dance tents stretching to the horizon - to head to a dingy Chinese-food restaurant located in a dark corner of the Princeton Junction train station parking lot: Goodfriends.

The hostess ushered our group of 20 into the familiar windowless room that looks more like a cellar storage space than a restaurant dining area. For a few minutes, we sat around staring at the Lazy Susans and soy sauce containers. Dead soberness diffused throughout the room. What were we doing here?

Next, the beer arrived. Thank God. We sipped our beers slowly amid long, awkward pauses in the conversation. Back in college, trips to Goodfriends were always highlights of the year, yet this was a disaster. What were we doing wrong?

The door opened and in barged a burly man wearing a ski hat and an orange fifth-year reunion Sur-Five-Or vest with a boombox thrust above his head. Itís Fife, Sur-FIFE-Or! A moment later, with Pour Some Sugar on Me blasting, we all knew that the night had been saved.
Fife saving the day with the boombox WHEEL... OF... BEER!

Robopound first shot - One, two, THREE Masterful coin exchange
The quarter falls into the last cup... ..and the bonus pitcher is released
Shooting the Pitcher (2002, Drama, 0.5 minutes) Victory - OLE, OLE-OLE-OLE, OLE, OLE!
Devastating loss Beer, chug your Greer
Post-pitcher boot Horrified
Shotgun demonstration Your turn
Triple shotgun Goodfriend's 2002

Stone uses Kelvie for hangover pillow Greer and Erin
Limba Prole and Beet 5th Reunion partiers
Token P-rade group shotgun Bert up to no good
Friends support Saucy after his 'mattress incident' Fife sporting the banned 'Sur-FIFE-Or' t-shirt
Marching the P-rade Mordecai drinks his only beer of 2002
5th Year reunion record class attendance: 775/1100
Beet & Carolina post P-rade Frank gets down

Saturday Night: Closing time

Passing out on a keg bed at the end of your 5th-year reunion: Priceless