The Fourth:
No Housing, Still Chugging

"Hey.... Help me I need to get home."
-- voicemail left for Beet at 2:52am by Bert

Four Reunions 2001 highlights
as told by Gordo

1. TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR and incredible beer friz & (new this year) 4-square under 5th reunion tent.

2. EXTREME FRISBEE in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Stone slammed full-body into the side of car with a shocked family inside as I tried to get a frisbee.

3. UNPRECEDENTED ROBOPOUND after the P-rade all the way through the fireworks segueing into the 5th (no dinner).

4. 11-YEAR-OLD SINKS A CUP "The Weasel and I taught an 11-year-old how to shoot a quarter, then we watched him play Robo and sink a cup. After the game, everyone hoisted the kid onto the bar. The entire taproom started cheering and roaring for this kid. It was definitely the best day of his life."


A glimpse of what was to come Redbull Shotgun in face of horrified distributors

New this year: Four-square at the Fourth Stuck under the tent during torrential downpour

Limba takes a spin on the Lazy Bert The Wease tends to some beer friz cups

The Two Dogs (Big and Little) Zamboni-ing the beerfriz court

Beerfriz losers continued to play four-square Gratuitous chug

From: "Limba Prole"
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 17:05:32

Remember when you hit me on the arm over reunions??
Well it left a bruise. (told you it would!)

A packed, soaked view of the main 5th Reunion tent Stone helps the tent
At Beet's House: Decalcification???

Ready to P-Rade. The rumoured shotgun from the grassy knoll

Katy up to her old tricks There may have been more than one shotgun fired from the grassy knoll

Bob Hall in it for the Long Haul Hinny P-rading his balls off

Toad Older partiers
Mid-march in the P-Rade Gratuitous Limba crowdsurf

End of P-Rade. Beginning of Par-tay. The obvious next stop

T-Mass diving into the fountain Pre-catch

All-out partying at Ivy Hinny throwing beer

Some Ivy partiers Gratuitous Bert dance shot

Hallowed Wease Cherubic Wease, tinged with an unearthly glow from the gods of Partying

Random Class of '91 Drunk. Next up: Karen Burger

Stone, Noob, and Mooly
A veritable sea of partying, extending ad infinitum Random topless girl gets surfed on the 5th Reunion dancefloor

Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 11:57:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: "john Beet"
Subject: completely devastated

another reunions, another year that i wake up with random bruises on my back and legs.